Kick-Off 2020

Dear Juniors,

We are sad that we were unable to host our Kick-Off event to bring you into the AmeriCORN Studies (see what we did there?) family. However, we wanted you to know that we're unbelievably excited about the upcoming year! We know it will have its challenges, but want to reassure you that we will persist and make it through! We hope you enjoy the videos below; the first video brings together Seniors who love American Studies. The second video provides some advice from the perspectives of Seniors who want to help you succeed as well as possible! We're all here to support you this year - Go Unicorns!

With Love for American Studies,

Your American Studies @NCSSM Team

Why Seniors LOVE

American Studies

Advice from Seniors for Juniors on Doing Well in American Studies

Questions to consider as you prep to join us for the Kick-Off:

  1. What is the foundational date that you would choose for the beginning of America? Why might this be a good choice or a bad choice?

  2. What objects in your environment reflect characteristics that are "American"? What are those characteristics?

  3. Name a moment from your experience in the past year that reflects America in some way to you.

Get excited! Schedule for the Kick-off on Monday, August 24th @ 9 a.m.

Schedule: American Studies Kick-Off Event, 2020

Common Read (complete after Kick-off, before Day 1 of classes): Hughes's "Let America Be America Again" (1935)

Common Read: Hughes, “Let America Be America Again"